NOTE: Jet Skis / Wave Runners/personal watercraft are motor boats and subject to all rules that apply to motorboats!

• High-speed boating is permitted between11:00 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. ONLY

• Boats are to operate in a counter-clockwise direction (keep shoreline to the right)

• All boats must be equipped with an approved life preserver for each occupant

• Speed boats and skiers must keep 100 feet away from shore, docks, rafts, swimmers & other boats

• NO WAKE speeds apply to all channels and during non-speed boating hours.

• NO WAKE speed means a very slow speed whereby the wake or wash created by the vessel is minimal.

The Tri-Lakes Association participates in the Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program hosted by the Michigan Clean Water Corps. To view the 2023 Tri-Lakes Individual Lake Reports, please follow the link below and scroll down to find Mecosta County, where the lakes are listed individually.

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​​​ALL buoys must be applied for and permitted using the application below.

As a property owner on the Tri-Lakes, your septic system upkeep is incredibly impactful on the Tri-Lakes ecosystem. Please visit this blog post form Glenn Lake Association's website for more information on how you can be a responsible septic system owner on the Tri-Lakes!


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Tri-Lakes CLMP Reports