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 Tri-Lakes Association Bylaws

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The Tri-Lakes Association reviews and restates their Bylaws every five years to ensure that the Association is conducting business accordingly and to fidelity. The most recent Bylaws were ratified by the vote from the membership on August 6th, 2022.

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We've gone fully electronic with our membership! New and renewing members can pay their dues by going to our online store and selecting from the enrollment options. Our intention is that all members use our online store for their account, however we understand that is not feasible for all, in which case, you can download the Membership Form here and mail in with along with a check.

A full year of Board Meeting minutes will be posted each month upon approval.  Any member who is interested in more detailed information about our treasury report is welcome to attend our monthly meeting at which the full report is presented to those in attendance.  

 Tri-Lakes Association Meeting Minutes

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What is the difference between between Tri-Lakes Association and the Lake Improvement Board?

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The Tri-Lakes Association is a volunteer entity which is funded by membership dues and fundraising efforts for the following purposes as outlined by our Bylaws:
-To create lines of communication regarding lake issues.
-To assist in preservation of the quality of the water of the lakes, their connecting waterways, wetlands and surrounding watershed and ecosystems.
-To promote all other matters of interest to the general welfare of the members and all property associated with Tri- Lakes and the improvement of the area involved.
-To represent its members at governmental or regulatory agencies in such a manner as to protect the environment.
-To promote education of property owners and other lake users about water safety and safe recreation on the lakes. To serve as a social organization for the lake members.
The Tri-Lakes Improvement Board was established in accordance with Michigan’s Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act. Under provisions of the act, the Tri-Lakes Improvement Board includes a lakefront property owner, two representatives from Morton Township, a Mecosta County Commissioner, and the Mecosta County Drain Commissioner. This year is the first year of a five-year improvement program (2023 – 2027) on the Tri-Lakes.
With that said, we are excited to announce that our friends at the Tri-Lakes Improvement Board has their very own website! Be sure to check it out!


The next Tri-Lakes Association Board meeting will be held on May 11th at the Morton Township Library at 10am. Please contact Myle Turpen to for ZOOM details.

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