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Lake Mecosta is the largest of the Tri-Lakes and is also the most shallow of all the lakes. .

About The Tri-Lakes

       Then & Now


Round Lake is the smallest lake of the Tri-Lakes but has the Greatest average depth. It also has a surface area of 155 acres.

The Tri Lakes are located in the "Heart of the Lakes" area of Central Michigan and consist of Round Lake, Lake Mecosta, and Blue Lake. The three lakes total 700 acres of spring fed water, and are all interconnected by scenic channels. The surrounding area was once covered with glaciers, so as you drive around the lakes you'll notice the glacial-carved highlands and sprawling wetlands.

No-wake speed boat hours from 7:30pm until 11:00am, during daylight savings time to ensure the perfect balance of serene mornings and evenings for fishing, kayaking, or slow pontoon boat rides and fun-filled days of sea-dooing, tubing, water skiing, and wakeboarding.

Summer nights are perfect for bonfires and star-gazing, and it is not uncommon to hear a loon's beautiful call out on the lake. A natural habitat to loons, swans, great blue herons, and an abundance of bass, northern pike, and pan fish, the Tri Lakes have no shortage of wildlife. Deer are often spotted meandering by the water's edge, and perhaps you will see a bald eagle or an osprey swooping down to grab a fish.

A public boat launch is located on the south east end of Lake Mecosta. The launch itself is a cement surface ramp, and the launch area has 22 parking spaces.

The Tri-Lakes Association was formed in 1978, and it is dedicated to protect and preserve the quality of the lakes, connecting waterways and the special quality of life of owning property here.


    Round Lake        Lake Mecosta       Blue Lake    
 Surface Area (Acres) 155316221
Maximum Depth (Feet)453950
Average Depth (Feet)15.910.815.3
Volume (Acre-Feet)2,4803,4123,381
Shoreline Length (Miles)
 Shoreline Development Factor


The Tri Lakes Contain 9,273 acre-feet of water which equates to over 3 Billion Gallons of water!

Blue Lake has a maximum depth of 50 feet and is the deepest of the Tri-Lakes.